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FREE Webpage Hit Counter

This counter is designed to help you easily track hits on a single webpage or multiple webpages. To track webpage hits your pages add the html below to your webpage, substituting a number for PageID and your email address for EmailAddress.

<a href="">
<img src=",EmailAddress"
ismap border="0" width="88" height="31"></a><br>
<a href="">Free Counter</a>

The HTML code will look something like this what is shown below, except that your email address will be used instead of "".

<a href="">
<img src=","
ismap border="0" width="88" height="31"></a><br>
<a href="">Free Counter</a>

If you have added the button to your webpage correctly, it will look like this when viewed from your browser.

Free Counter

Note that the PageID must be unique for each webpage that you track. The PageID may be a number or a string.

How to view your counters

To see the counters for all your webpages, view the following URL from your browser

For example, click the URL below to see how many times this page has been accessed We recommend that you make the page that shows your counters your browser startup page so that you will see your webpage hits each time you browse the internet.

Please use your true email address in the counter HTML. This way you will be able to use the email features of the counter and we will be able to contact you if there are problems. You will not be put on a spam mailing list.

If you have problems

If you have problems please inspect the HTML on your webpage carefully. Some webpage editors modify the HTML in a way that the counter my not work. If this is the case with your editor, you may have to enter the HTML with another editor.

If you have any problems using this counter, send email to  Also if we can't see what you did wrong we can't help you. So don't forget to include your webpage address with your message -- otherwise it will be ignored.

X-Rated Sites

Please do not put this counter on x-rated sites. Our sponsors won't like it and you will be liable for 1 cents per webpage hit.

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